This is the story of four remarkable sisters from the tiny South Atlantic Island of St. Helena: Elizabeth, Margaret, Bridget, and Charlotte. Although they lived in such an isolated environment, each made what would have been considered at the time extremely successful marriages to Englishmen in the clergy, the East India Company and the British Navy.

Margaret was my four times great grandmother.  The portrait of the young woman at the top of this page is of Margaret, after her marriage to John Skottowe. I have only recently discovered the existence of her sisters.

All four sisters were born on St. Helena to James Greentree and Margaret Bates between 1746 and 1757. There were possibly two other daughters (Mary and Anne) who died young and five sons (John, James, Watkin, Thomas, and Digby).

This web site and blog is an attempt to share their stories and to perhaps make contact with other descendants of the Greentree family of St. Helena.

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  • Gillian (Holme) Loffell

    Good afternoon, I have loved reading your Welcome page plus the information on Margaret Greentree, Brigit Greentree and Thomas Skottowe.
    My relationship is through James Greentree (1718 – ) and Margaret Bates (- 1787) whe were my maternal fifth Great Grandparents.
    I am compiling a Holme Family Story for my family. Thank you for sharing your information so generously.

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